Autoconfiguration Ipv4 Address IP Problem

When I connect my laptop to LAN it wasn't getting the IP from my DHCP server. Instead it gives me some weird IP like 169.254.x.x . while my wifi was working fine, I searched Alot to get to know until i found a great piece of code on a blog. so I am going to share with you guys. (see image below with the problem)

 Please follow the procedure:

1. If you are using any FIREWALL disable it (like me, I use comodo so I disable it temporarily)

2. Click on START and click on RUN (or simple press Windows Key + R ) type CMD
3. Now type the following code below:

         netsh interface ipv4 show inter 

4. My connected LAN here is Local Area Connection and its Idx = 14 (we will use this idx number in next code)

5. Now type the following code below and replace your Idx number, as mine is 14

         netsh interface ipv4 set interface 14 dadtransmits=0 store=persistent 

6. If it says OK. Congratulations you have done the difficult part.

7. Next procedure, click on START and RUN again and type services.msc 

8. Services dialog box will appear, search for DHCP Client right click on it and click on Properties then click on Startup Type then select Disable and now click on Stop button and click on OK.

9. UNPLUG your LAN cable and RESTART your system.

10. After restart DON'T PLUGIN YOUR CABLE, go to services.msc and find again DHCP Client right click on it and click on Properties then click on Startup Type now select Automatic lastly click on Start button below and then OK.

11. Now Plugin your LAN cable and enjoy.

By the way you can Enable your Firewall again :)
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